Mount Vernon, NY

Where do you need TV Mounting service?

TV Mounting

We provide professional next day TV installation and TV mounting Services to residential and commercial customers.

Our services include mounting TVs on plain walls or over a fireplace with the wires concealed in the wall or with the wires concealed.

We can provide the TV mounts HDMI cables and all other parts that are needed to complete the job.

We can also set up and mount your Sound Bar or your Home Theater Receiver and mount your speakers on the wall or the ceiling.

Coverage includes TV installation, Home Theater Installation and Set up, Computer and Network Wiring installation and Computer Repair.

  • Install and connect your Flat Screen TV on a Stand or wall mounting.
  • Electrical and Cable outlets should be at the base of the wall Behind the TV stand.
  • Flat Screen TV Installation and Wall TV Mounting for Plasma, LCD, LED and 3D TV’s.
  • Unpack your Flat Screen TV and components.
  • Set your Flat Screen TV on a stand you provide.
  • Connect and Setup your  Audio and Video devices to the TV
  • Neatly arrange wires.
  • Adjust Flat Screen TV settings for optimal picture. Place packaging material to trash and clean up
  • We Install All Types & Brands of Residential & Commercial Televisions

We work with commercial clients to install  TV’s.

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Hospitals / Clinics
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Other Enterprise Clients
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